Attorney Tom Pitaro Speak to Local News About Extremist Groups and Criminal Defense

Attorney Dustin Marcello appearing on behalf of former Panic a the Disco band member

Senior Partner, Ozzie Fumo, speaks to local news station about bail and the importance of the "innocent until proven guilty" mentality.

Attorney Emily Strand addresses the enforceability of covid-19 waivers for employees.

Attorney Dustin Marcello get charges dismissed against "Tiregate" defendant

Senior Partner Ozzie Fumo comments on bail reform in light of high-profile cases like that of Christopher Prestipino.

Senior Partner Tom Pitaro's former client Margaret Rudin released from prison.

Senior Partners Tom Pitaro & Ozzie Fumo successfully argue that poor people should get the same benefits and treatment as billionaires......and secure their client probation in the process.

Senior Associate Dustin Marcello secures a 'Not Guilty' verdict for a client accused of sexual assault.

Senior Partner and Assemblyman Ozzie Fumo seeks to end the death penalty this legislative session.

Senior Partner and Assemblyman Ozzie Fumo co-sponsors bill to protect children by requiring bike helmet use.

Senior Partner and Assemblyman Ozzie Fumo seeks to give credit to those serving time on house arrest.

Senior Associate Dustin Marcello represents Las Vegas Fire Captain in domestic violence case.

Senior Associate gets fraud case against actor and father of eleven, Deon Derrico, dismissed.